White Chevy Silverado: 6 1/2″ lift with Fuel Assault Rims on 35″ Fuel tires

Why It’s Better to Modify: White Chevy Silverado

Upgrading a White Chevy Silverado

This White Chevy Silverado came to us a few weeks ago and we couldn’t wait to make some accessory upgrades. When it comes to trucks, we put the bulk of our resources into investing in new tires. Most truck tires tend to get damaged over time, especially if the owner is adverse to paved surfaces, plus – tires add a lot to the overall appearance of your ride.

We decided to go with the 35’’ Fuel tires, a slick tire package that can be used in almost any setting. They have 3ply sidewalls for more puncture resistance if you plan on driving across all kinds of wayward surfaces. They also feature a unique tread pattern that was designed for both off-road trucking and speeding down the highway. You’ll notice the wide lugs with tiny sipes that give extra traction and handling when you’re cruising through mud, snow, and ice. These beautiful balls of rubber are also more durable than your average tire, giving you the freedom to head off on an off-road adventure without worrying about getting a flat.

Once we’d decided on the 35’’ Fuel tires, we knew that we had to lift the body of the truck 6 ½ inches to compensate for the large tires. This also gives the truck more ground clearance, which can be a major lifesaver if you’re driving over large rocks and branches. Last but not least, we added Fuel Assault rims. When you upgrade to a larger, more robust tire, you usually have to replace the rims as well. We always trust Fuel for their craftsmanship and overall quality.

As you can see, we decked out this White Chevy Silverado with everything you need to tear up the great outdoors. Stop by Don’s Wholesale today and see how this newly modified truck rides.


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