Toyota Tacoma: leveling kit with Dropstar Rims on 33″ Toyos Tires.

Why It’s Better to Modify: Toyota Tacoma

Upgrading a Toyota Tacoma

When we came across the lovely Toyota Tacoma, we immediately knew that we wanted to make some modifications that would give this truck more of a punch on the road.

We started with the tires and upgraded to 33’’ Toyos tires. Toyos is one of the most respected names in the tire business with their dynamic selection and tricked out features. We went with tires that could handle all types of terrain including backwoods excursions and long-distance highway driving. The 33’’ Toyos truck tires have the durability to survive all kinds of wear and tear without springing a leak. They have an aggressive tread pattern that gets from point A to point B, even if there’s a mighty swap between the two. These tires were designed to give you more traction and better handling off-road, especially if you’re traveling through mud, rain, or snow.

Adding the Toyos tires meant that we had to level the body of the truck. This raises the front of the truck just a couple of inches until it’s level with the rear. Most trucks usually start out with a high rear so that the truck can handle a heavy load without sagging too much in the back. Leveling the truck gave us enough room to mount the 33’’ Toyos tires and it gives the truck more ground clearance in the front without compromising the truck’s load capacity. To top things off, we added Dropstar rims so that the new tires could be mounted properly to the wheels. Dropstar is known for their excellent selection of off-road wheels and rims.

Overall, this Toyota Tacoma is ready for any kind of heavy-duty adventure. These modifications will give you the added support you need on the road and off. Come to Don’s Wholesale for dozens of newly upgraded cars, trucks, and SUVs.



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