Save Thousands On A Gently Used Vehicle


The first question a consumer asks themselves when they enter the car market is usually: “Should I buy new or used?” While there are pros and cons to both options, the smarter buy is a high quality, gently used, pre owned vehicle that looks brand new and here is why.


1. Savings
When buying new, you will typically pay a whole lot more for a car than you would for a comparable used model. And the higher costs do not stop with sticker price; because of the higher value, you will also have to pay much higher sales tax and higher registration fees. You may also end up paying more for insurance each month because as vehicles age, the cost to insure them sometimes goes down. *Always check with your insurance company before making your purchase.


2. Value
It’s not unusual for a new car to lose 20 percent of its value the moment you drive it off the lot, so if you don’t pay at least 20 percent down, you’re liable to owe more to your lender than it is worth. After three years, Consumer Reports says your new car will be worth just 54 percent of what you paid for it, on average. Ouch! You can purchase a pre owned vehicle in “like new” condition with low miles, a single previous owner, still under factory warranty, fully loaded with newest technology and be at ease knowing the previous owner has already absorbed the initial depreciation for you!


Choosing a used vehicle opens a world of possibilities. By making a smarter purchase, you can get the exact vehicle you want without having to settle for that lesser model because of price. At Don’s Automotive Group, you can get the perks of a new vehicle while  enjoying the financial and value perks of a pre owned vehicle. You may not get that new car smell but you will save thousands and be able to get lots of extra air fresheners!


We have a ton of low mileage, single owner vehicles still under warranty, with all the bells and whistles, still in like new condition with up to date maintenance and more. Check out our inventory online at!

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