Dsc Tires – Don’s Wholesale Take offs!


Don’s Wholesale, one of the largest independent truck selling dealers in Louisiana, is known for the upfitting of our inventory. We take pride in our vehicles and spend on average $2900 investing into accessorizing them. We add new wheels and tires to almost every truck we have in stock and to a large percentage of our SUV’s and cars.

So what happens to the take offs?? They go into a warehouse – waiting for a new owner! We have a huge selection of both aftermarket and factory wheels and tires priced on condition. Ford, GMC, Chevy, Hummer, Range Rover, Land Rover, Toyota, BMW, Cadillac, and Jeep are some of the brands we currently carry. Don’s Wholesale only keeps the take offs that are worth re-using and some sets look as good as new! We are now selling full sets of wheels and tires and will soon be fully ecommerce so you can conveniently purchase online. In the mean time, we have uploaded our inventory to a new website, dsctires.com , so you can view our inventory, prices and condition! New photos will be coming next week and online shopping options will be coming in the very near future!

Don’s Wholesale is excited to venture into the accessories business and knew this would be a great way to start! Keep an eye out for what’s coming next with the 8000 sq foot show room we have just for vehicle accessories!

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