How to Choose the Right Tires for Your Truck

What Makes One Tire Better Than Another?


Choosing the right type of tire all depends on how you plan on using your truck. Are you worried about staying in control when there’s ice and snow on the road? Or do you love cruising over dirt mounds and hauling heavy equipment off road? Every type of truck tire comes with its fair share pros and cons. Let’s breakdown the leading types of truck tires and how they can either help or hurt you on the road.

All-Season Tires

This type of tire is designed for trucks that primarily stay on paved streets and roads. They have enough tread to handle most weather conditions including dry roads, wet roads, and some light snow and ice. They feature more comfort on the road, easier handling, and tend to have a longer tread life. All-season does not mean all-surface. If you’re looking to go off road, all-season tires aren’t for you.

Winter Tires

If you live in an area that’s known for its blistering winters with poorly paved roads, you might want to make the upgrade to winter tires. All-season tires tend to stiffen and provide less traction when faced with extreme winter weather. Winter tires are made with more flexible rubber that’s designed to provide more traction when things get slick. Winter tires also have a deeper tread line and more biting edges to help you keep control of your vehicle when driving on the ice.

All-Terrain Tires

Designed for a little bit of everything, all-terrain tires have the traction to handle any type of terrain including dirt roads, gravel, and muddy territory. These tires come with a softer, more malleable type of rubber that won’t last as long as all-season tires. They’re the right choice if you plan on tackling some uncharted territory once in a while.

Off-Road Tires

If you avoid paved streets all together, you’ll probably want to go with something a little more durable than all-terrain tires. Off-road tires are specifically designed for rocky exteriors, swampy landscapes, and everything in between. They’re made with puncture-resistant rubber and reinforced sidewalls that will hold up under the most extreme conditions. However, off-road tires are less than ideal when it comes to highway driving. They have massive voids with deep treads, giving you less traction on paved streets. Off-road tires are also bumpier and less comfortable on traditional roads.

Choosing the Right Size

When it comes to size, it’s always best to stick with the manufacturer’s original instructions. Look inside your truck’s glove box or on the inside of your door to see what size of tire the manufacturer recommends. Finding the right tire will make your life much easier on the road. While every type of tire has its limitations, certain styles and treads are designed for different settings. Head over to Don’s Wholesale for the largest selection of used trucks and auto parts in Louisiana. A member of the team can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Give us a call today.


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