Beware of Flood Damaged Vehicles!


The excitement of purchasing a vehicle will quickly diminish after learning your pretty, new ride has been swimming! Flood waters can have damaging effects on the quality of the vehicle as well as a drastic impact on the resell value. Unfortunately, once a vehicle has been refurbished, it can be hard to tell by the visible eye if the vehicle has been flooded. You must depend on trusted documentation to guide you in this situation.

When a large amount of vehicles are effected by flooding due to natural disasters, as seen across Texas and Louisiana in recent months, it is more likely for companies and individuals to attempt to hide this information in order to profit off of the damaged vehicle. This is why it is very important to always ask for a vehicle history report on the vehicle of interest, especially when dealing with consumer to consumer sales.

At Don’s Wholesale, we have buying power across several states allowing us to hand pick what vehicles are sent to our lots, thus eliminating the worry of a flood damaged vehicle. Not only do we thoroughly research the vehicle history of every car or truck we purchase, we openly provide that information to you in the resell of the vehicle. A CarFax report is provided on every single vehicle as a part of our company policy. Don’s Wholesale sees the value in customer satisfaction and takes pride in the ability to guarantee flood damage free vehicles on our lots. Check out our inventory here, or come see us at any of our four locations across Louisiana.

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If you would like to learn more about how to assure you are buying a vehicle without flood damage, check out this CarFax article here.


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